DR Congo considering legal action against Apple over mining dispute

DR Congo considering legal action against Apple

DR Congo considering legal action against Apple over mining dispute

The government of the Democratic Republic (DR) of Congo is considering legal action legal action against Apple in France and the United States. Apple is a US tech giant company.

The expected legal action of Congo comes after accusing Apple of using illegally-exploited minerals. Paris-based lawyers of DRC claimed that Apple bought significant minerals by smuggling them from DRC into a neighboring country, Rwanda.

According to DRC lawyers, Apple made these smuggled minerals look legitimate in Rwanda before selling and used in its products worldwide. However, they made this claim in April 2024. Since then, the conflict between Congo and Apple has begun.

DR Congo accused Apple of illegally mining its minerals and smuggled into Rwanda

Lawyer William Bourdon said Apple had only given a brief response after receiving an official notice from them regarding illegal mining. So, he considers this response a form of contempt, arrogance, and doubt. According to William, the legal options are on the table for France and the US.

Hence, DR Congo is considering legal action against Apple following their ignorant response to their concerns. The government’s lawyers met with President Felix Tshisekedi in Kinshasa to discuss the potential action for this case against Apple.

Tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold (sometimes called 3T or 3TG) are abundant minerals existing in the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Hence, tech manufacturers use them to make cell phones and other electronic gadgets.

Congo alleged Apple is with blood minerals which they smuggled from its mines

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Since the regional wars in the 1990s, the violence has affected the Great Lakes region of African countries, rich in minerals. Rebels from the March 23 Movement (M23) started regaining larger territorial areas in late 2021. Tensions have risen again in this region since then.

M23 is the movement of the Congolese Revolutionary Army. It is a rebel military group involved in violent moves to gain control over the country.

However, Congo also accuses Rwanda, the United Nations, and Western nations of arming rebel groups, including M23. According to Congo, the accused countries want to seize control of abundant mineral wealth in the region.

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