Govt issued new policy to ban mobile use in England Schools

Govt issued new policy to ban mobile use

Govt issued new policy to ban mobile use in England Schools

The govt issued a new guidance policy to England schools to ban mobile phone use during the school day. The government stated that the decision was part of the plan to minimize disruption and improve classroom behavior.

It also stated that many schools had already banned phones. The reform would ensure a consistent approach. However, one school leader’s union claimed that the most obsessive phone use occurred outside of school and called the new policy a “non-policy for a non-problem.”

According to Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, the guideline aims to provide consistency to reset the social norm that there is no place for mobile phones in their schools throughout the school day.

She stated they have currently mixed the policies regarding phone usage. Some schools permit cell phone use during break times, while others completely ban it.

When asked if she would go further and introduce legislation. Ms. Gillian replied they would consider what else they needed to do if the guidance policy did not work out.

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A new policy guidance issued by govt to ban mobile phone use in schools provides different scenarios. It shows how a phone-free environment could be achieved. It involves a complete ban on phones on school grounds. And rules requiring phones to be handed over at the start of the day.

The policy also stated that schools may allow students to keep their phones only under strict conditions. It implies that students never use phones throughout the day.

According to guidance policy, school leaders should develop and implement policy that reflects their school’s contexts and needs. It adds that schools have a legal responsibility to ensure students’ well-being. Hence, forbidding phone use during the school day is essential to ensure their well-being.

The guidance also reminded headteachers to check students for items prohibited by school rules. The government also cited a poll of secondary school students in which 29% admitted using phones when they had to attend classes.

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