England to get new national park as part of natural plan

England to get new national park as part of natural plan

England to get new national park as part of natural plan

England to get a new national park as part of the natural pledge of the UK government to improve access to and conserve the countryside.

Natural England will investigate a number of potential sites including the Chilterns, the Cotswolds, and Dorset for a new national park. Natural England is a non-departmental public body in the United Kingdom. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs sponsored it.

Some environmentalists welcomed the announcement with caution stating the fact that government financing for national parks has decreased in real terms. It resulted in forcible service and staff cuts.

Steve Barclay stresses the importance of building more greener spaces. Steve is a UK Secretary for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs.

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A total of 15 million euros in funding has also been announced for a variety of protected landscapes. England’s ten existing national parks and 34 national landscapes formerly known as “Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty” will share this fund.

This fund is part of the government’s final response to a 2019 review. This criticized how such protected landscapes were administered and funded.

CEO of Campaign for National Parks, Dr. Rose O’Neill stated that current parks have been financially limited. They have had a 40% drop in real terms funding since 2010.

She said today’s investment (government fund) will help in the short term. But the next crisis could be around the corner. Parks around the UK have had to reduce staffing and visitor services. Because their government core grant has decreased in real terms.

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