Chinese movies lead global office with $1.1 billion earnings

Chinese movies lead global office

Chinese movies lead global office with $1.1 billion earnings

Four Chinese movies, YOLO, Pegasus, Article 20, and Boonie Bears, dominated the global office with a lead of $1.1 billion in Lunar New Year earnings. YOLO is a comedic drama about weight reduction and self-discovery.

YOLO was the highest-grossing film worldwide for the second weekend in a row. According to data from Artisan Gateway, YOLO earned $86.5 million from Feb 16 to Feb 18. It generated a total of revenue $402 million over nine days.

The second film was by Jia Ling, who previously hijacked the 2021 Lunar New Year big hit “Hi, Mom.” YOLO was released on Saturday, Feb 10, 2024. It has been number one since the second day of the Chinese New Year celebrations, narrowly ahead of the racing comedy Pegasus 2.

Pegasus 2 has earned $80.6 million and a total revenue of $356 million over the last weekend. However, the film “Article 20,” directed by Zhang Yimou, climbed to third place at the Chinese and global box office. It has earned $70.2 million compared to $47.6 million in its opening weekend and a nine-day total of $207 million.

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Meanwhile, “Boonie Bears: Time Twist” is among the Chinese movies in the global office collection having a lead earning of $52 million. It is a Chinese animated movie that fell fourth in the Chinese cinema and fifth overall at the global box office.

Over the weekend, Bonnie Bears contributed fifty-two million dollars and a total revenue of $209 million after nine days. However, “Bob Marley: One Love” ranked fourth globally and earned $56.7 million from 48 regions, including North America.

Ning Hao’s film “The Movie Emperor” starring Andy Lau ranked fifth in China this weekend. It took $1.3 million for a total of $11.9 million. Maoyan, a Chinese ticketing service, estimates that the Lunar New Year generated record box office revenue of $1.11 billion. It shows an 18% increase in revenue compared to the 2023 year.

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