Fatal earthquake in northeastern Iran killed 4 and injured 120 people

Fatal earthquake in northeastern Iran

Fatal earthquake in northeastern Iran killed 4 and injured 120 people

A fatal earthquake of nearly five magnitude hit Kashmar in the Razavi Khorasan region of northeastern Iran, which killed four people. This happened at 1:24 p.m. on June 18, 2024.

According to Kashmar Governor Hojjatollah Shariatmadari, they shifted 35 injured people to hospitals for immediate care. However, the rate of injured people has risen to 120 since the earthquake happened. Kashmar also stated it was a 5-magnitude earthquake with a depth of six kilometers.

The US Geological Survey reported this earthquake at 4.9 magnitude with a ten-kilometer depth. Its epicenter was five kilometers from Moghan in the Razavi Khorasan Province.

However, the Iranian media reported the earthquake’s magnitude as being at five. Iranian officials have also expressed concerns that the death toll may rise in the aftermath of this fatal earthquake. in northeastern Iran.

The video footage shown by local media portrayed widespread destruction of the area. The catastrophic earthquake turned streets in the affected area into debris. Rescue teams arrived at the incident place to save survivors.

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This recent earthquake in Kashmar recalled bitter memories of past deadliest quakes. Iran is used to regular earthquakes due to its geographic location on active tectonic lines. A 7.3-magnitude earthquake hit close to the Iraqi border in November of last year.

This earthquake resulted in the deaths of more than 530 people and injuries of thousands of people. According to UN statistics, Iran has about 10,000 earthquakes every year that claim the lives of several people.

The 2023 Bam earthquake in Iran killed tens of thousands of people. It had a magnitude of 6.6. The aftermath of this deadliest earthquake is still being felt throughout the nation.

A separate event occurred the same year when a 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit the province of West Azerbaijan’s city of Khoy. It resulted in at least three deaths and more than 800 injured people. Around 70 villages had sustained damage.

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