President Joe Biden proposed citizenship for spouses of Americans

President Joe Biden proposed citizenship

President Joe Biden proposed citizenship for spouses of Americans

US President Joe Biden proposed citizenship for hundreds of thousands of spouses of Americans ahead of presidential polls. He unveiled a new initiative to offer massive illegal immigrants married to citizens of the United States.

However, this action comes during election season. It is an entirely different policy compared to chief rival Donald Trump’s proposal for mass deportations of illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump while announcing this initiative at a White House event. He criticized Trump for dividing immigrant families at the border and for using derogatory language about people who are in the country illegally.

Trump had earlier described illegal immigrants in the US as poisoning the blood of their country. Joe Biden remarked Trump is genuinely expressing the things that are absurd and difficult to believe.

He stated he has no desire to politicize immigration or the border. So, he would like to correct it. Following that, President Joe Biden proposed citizenship for them.

This new policy of Joe Biden will grant US citizenship to around 500,000 spouses. Eligible spouses will be residents of America for at least ten years as of June 17.

Moreover, 50,000 children under 21 with a parent who is a citizen of the United States will get US citizenship under this policy.

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Joe Biden has committed to undoing several harsh immigration laws of Donald Trump with his new initiative. On the other hand, he hardened his stance in response to record numbers of migrant arrests at the border between Mexico and the United States.

Earlier this month, Joe Biden followed the approach of Trump that stopped migrants crossing the US-Mexico border from seeking asylum.

This move of Biden brought him widespread criticism from immigration supporters and even his party members (Democrats).

However, this new generous policy from the Biden administration seems to boost his political campaign for his presidential polls in November 2024.

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