Canadian Intelligence official guilty of spy charges

Canadian Intelligence official guilty of spy charges

Canadian Intelligence official guilty of spy charges

A former Canadian Intelligence official named Cameron Ortis has been found guilty of spy charges by a Canadian jury. Cameron is an ex-civilian member of Canada’s national RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

A jury found him guilty of leaking intelligence secrets to suspected criminals. Ontario court held his eighth-week trial on accusations of sharing government secrets with organized crime leaders.

Court charges against Cameron Ortis

Ontario Court Jury has found him guilty of six charges regarding multiple counts under the Security of Information Act. This act is the law to protect Canada’s secrets.

Canadian Intelligence official guilty of spy charges

Cameron faces a very lengthy imprisonment of up to 14 years. His other offenses could lead to a life sentence of death for breaching Canada’s secret laws.

What did Cameron Ortis say in self-defense?

However, Cameron has denied all claims saying he was working behind the scenes to prevent a “grave threat to Canada”. In an espionage trial, Cameron Ortis claims that his offer to sell secrets to criminals was an undercover strategy to draw them to the encrypted email service known as “honeypot.”

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Cameron admitted that he became the source of several anonymous emails and letters from 2015. He offered information to Vincent Ramos, the creator of Phantom Secure. And three people who allegedly connected to Pakistani money launderer Altaf Khanani.

In a surprising turn of events, he related it to part of a secret mission he called “The Nudge”. It aimed at convincing the suspects to use the encrypted email service Tutanota.

He made the shocking allegation that the secure email service established in 2011 is actually a “honeypot,” or secret “storefront” that the Five Eyes intelligence service runs in order to obtain user data.

Tutanota, now known as Tuta, released a furious statement denying that any intelligence agency has ever utilized it as a cover to obtain information. Prosecutors rejected that claim as false.

Cameron Ortis served as director general of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Authorities arrested him in 2019 and charged him with six counts of violating the national security laws of Canada.

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