David Cameron says UK must engage with China

David Cameron says UK must engage with China

David Cameron says UK must engage with China

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron says the United Kingdom (UK) must engage with China. He expressed it during his first interview with BBC after becoming foreign secretary. Diplomatic Correspondent James Landale conducted his interview.

David has been also the prime minister of the United Kingdom. He defended his pro-China policy when he was prime minister. He said that it is still appropriate to engage with China.

However, despite his perspective of having a strong bilateral relationship with China, he told James that he agreed with the current realistic and heard-headed policy of the UK government.

David Cameron says UK must engage with China

Lord David said that China is important to address major concerns such as climate change. He said his remarks could have angered Tory MPs. Tory is a term used for the largest UK Conservative Political party.

In 2021, China sanctioned the five members of Parliament (MPs) belonging to the Conservative Party who strongly criticized China. In this regard, David said his comments about strengthening ties with China could anger them.

Lord Cameron also denied becoming Foreign Secretary out of boredom during a wide-ranging conversation with James. He said being prime minister for six years was good training for being a foreign secretary.

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Lord David has received severe criticism for his recent close involvement with Chinese investment in recent years. He has given remarks in support of a port expansion in Sri Lanka that is ultimately owned by a Chinese state firm.

He tried to establish a euro billion China investment fund on his visit to China. Where he also met with important Chinese officials.

Some UK Parliament members are concerned that Lord David may seek to soften the stance of the UK government against China. He served as Prime Minister of the UK from 2010 to 2016. He belongs to the Conservative Party.

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