Uttarakhand tunnel collapse keeps workers trapped

Uttarakhand tunnel collapse

Uttarakhand tunnel collapse keeps workers trapped

The Uttarakhand tunnel collapse kept several workers trapped inside the tunnel for two days. The tunnel collapsed due to landsliding in that area. Meanwhile, the Uttarakhand government has made a six-member expert committee to rescue the trapped workers and investigate the accident.

According to initial media reports, there are about 40 workers trapped inside the Uttarakhand tunnel. Rescue activities continued in Uttarakhand on today morning.

Rescuers at the under-construction tunnel collapse site used drill equipment to insert large-diameter stainless steel pipes through rubble. Authorities have assured the forty trapped workers in the collapsed tunnel for two days are now safe and receiving food, water, and oxygen.

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Officials stated that they would drive pipes using horizontal drilling equipment to establish an escape route for the workers. According to Disaster Management Secretary, Ranjit Kumar Sinha, the rescue team hopes to rescue the trapped workers by Tuesday night or Wednesday. Ranjit inspected the collapsed tunnel site yesterday.

Uttarakhand tunnel collapse keeps workers trapped

The rescue teams have made little progress in cutting down the rocks that fell over a 200-meter area trapping the workers within the tunnel. Despite teams working nonstop since the collapse took place early Sunday morning.

Rescuers are attempting to establish an escape route to reach the trapped workers. Stucked workers are approximately forty meters away from the rescue team.

According to officials, they have removed approximately 21 meters of the slab blocking the tunnel. However, they have to clear a further 19-meter passage.

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