George Floyd’s killer Derek Chauvin stabbed in prison

George Floyd's killer Derek Chauvin stabbed in prison

George Floyd’s killer Derek Chauvin stabbed in prison

Black American man George Floyd’s killer Derek Chauvin has been stabbed in a federal prison in Tuscon, Arizona. Derek was a former Minneapolis police officer convicted of murdering George during a 2020 arrest.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons reported that a prisoner at the Tucson prison was stabbed at about 12:30 p.m. But it didn’t identify Mr. Derek by name in its statement.

However, It is unclear who stabbed the detained Derek. According to the report, the incident happened on Friday afternoon at the medium-sized prison Federal Correctional Institution which has witnessed security lapses in the recent year.

According to prison authorities, no additional prisoners were injured and the situation was quickly handled. Emergency medical staff initiated lifesaving measures before taking Derek to a local hospital for further treatment and evaluation. Derek has serious injuries but survived the attack.

George Floyd’s killer Derek Chauvin stabbed in prison

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Derek was serving a federal prison sentence of over two decades (21 years) after being convicted of state murder charges and a federal charge of violating George’s constitutional rights.

A white man Derek knelt on George after arresting him for nine and a half minutes in May 2020 while George was handcuffed and face down on a South Minneapolis street corner. Derek arrested George as part of an arrest conducted because a store clerk suspected George of using a bogus $20 dollars bill.

George was assassinated on camera by a teenager. The footage spread around the world. Afterward, this incident sparked outrage across the United States of America and called for punishment against Derek.

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