India suspended Visas Services for Canada

India suspended Visa for Canada

India suspended Visas Services for Canada

India suspended Visas for Canada because of the Killing of a Sikh Khalistani activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian grounds. There is also a message on the BLS website, the visa service provider, from the India Mission saying the reason for the decision is “operational reasons”.

The relationship between the two countries is not stable, as Canada suggested an investigation for “credible allegations” against India blaming them for the killing of an activist leader as a political execution. As per the BBC reported in reply, India rejected all the accusations by calling them “absurd”.

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Indian Visa Services In Canada Suspended Amid Huge Diplomatic Row – TabloidPK

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After India suspended Visa for Canada, this incident is just the cherry on top as the two countries are already were not in a good place for months and now they are facing an all-time low point. The message from India Mission says: “Important notice from Indian Mission: Due to operational reasons, with effect from 21 September 2023, Indian visa services have been suspended till further notice”

BLS International website – TabloidPK

There is no reply to this statement by India’s foreign ministry, directing the investigation to the BLS website. India also advises its Indian citizens living in Canada and traveling there to take caution because of “growing anti-India activities”. There have been a few threats to Indian diplomats and those individuals who are not in favor of anti-India agendas.

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