Dana White walk-off clip in Howie Mandel podcast shocks fans

Dana White walk-off clip

Dana White walk-off clip in Howie Mandel podcast shocks fans

The sudden walk-off clip of UFC CEO Dana White while giving an interview on the podcast “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” shocks fans. The surprising moment came when Dana walked out of a podcast after barely 30 seconds.

The walk out of Dana left the host frightened. He appeared in the 164th episode of “Howie Mandel Does Stuff,” but his time was brief. After introducing him, host Howie Mandel praised him for his achievements.

Howie said, Dana White, you are not only an incredible businessman but also an inspiration and a philosopher, the way you run your business, friendships, and media. So, he is jealous. He can’t thank Dana enough for being here.

In response, Dana expressed gratitude for the comments before quickly switching to discuss his dislike of podcasts. He stated that he would not be doing any more in the future. Thank you for all of your good thoughts.

Furthermore, Dana said He appreciated Howie. He is so fucking tired of podcasting. He is literally done with them. So, he won’t do any more podcasts.

After expressing his weird saying, Dana pushed the microphone away and quickly removed his headphones before walking away. Comedian YouTuber Ginger Billy and daughter of host Howie also attended the podcast. Afterward, Howie uploaded a video on YouTube, which Dana White left them shocked.

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They were all stunned into silence as Dana left the studio unethically. The awkward walk-off clip of Dana White has also left people in shock. Fans have become divisive about whether the walk-off of Dana was authentic or a public stunt.

Dana Frederick White Jr. is an American businessman who is the CEO and president of Ultimate Fighting Championship, a global mixed martial arts organization.

He also owns Power Slap, a slap-fighting promotion. In Aug 2019, the net worth of Dana White was estimated at $500 million.

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