Multiple Karachi shooting incidents killed and injured people

Multiple Karachi shooting

Multiple Karachi shooting incidents killed and injured people

Several people have died and were injured in multiple shooting incidents at two different places, Baldia Etihad Town and Landhi Manzil Pump, Karachi. The shooting incidents took place within the last eight hours.

According to media reports, several firing incidents took place in Karachi, which killed two people and injured five people. Two people died in a shootout at Baldia Etihad Town and Landhi Manzil Pump. This shows that the crime was a targeted killing, as criminals stole no items from the victims.

The rescue sources claimed that more shooting incidents took place during a robbery resistance in the city, which resulted in several injuries.

However, another shooting incident occurred yesterday on Abul Isphani Road in Karachi, which killed one person and injured four others. This incident happened at a shop for robbery.

Three people died and many people received injuries due to another series of shooting incidents just two days before on Feb 11, 2024. A man died in the first incident in Korangi. The culprits rode a bike and left after killing him.

Multiple Karachi shooting

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In the second incident in PIB Colony, two gunmen riding a bike shot another man before escaping the area. Afterward, police reached the crime scene to catch the criminals.

However, the third incident in Nazimabad involved two armed individuals who fired and killed a man. Meanwhile, unknown men opened fire on a woman in the New Karachi neighborhood. Apart from this, an eight-year-old girl also fell victim to a shooting in the drug area.

CCTV footage from the shooting event last month showed two armed men opened fire, which killed four people and killed one man before fleeing the scene.

The increase in shooting incidents in Karachi is a worrying issue. The newly elected administration in Sindh must address promptly to maintain law and order in the city.

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