Cricketer Mayank Agarwal filed complaint against IndiGo Airlines

Cricketer Mayank Agarwal filed complaint

Cricketer Mayank Agarwal filed complaint against IndiGo Airlines

Indian Cricketer Mayank Agarwal has filed a complaint against IndiGo Airlines after drinking a poisonous drink during a Delhi-bound flight. Later on, he was rushed to a hospital in Agartala after taking a poison liquid from a pouch before flying to New Delhi on the flight from Agartala.

Following this, Cricketer Mayank Agarwal filed a complaint to Tripura Police through his manager under NCCPS (New Capital Complex Police Station).

It came after Mayank felt ill before his flight to New Delhi took off. This act caused him to file an official police report alleging criminal conduct on IndiGo. However, he is now safe after sipping liquid from a pouch that he mistook for water during his flight on IndiGo Airlines.

According to Tripura Police’s top cop, his manager stated in the report that there was a pouch in front of Mayank while he was sitting in the airplane. He drank a little bit of water from the pouch.

Suddenly, there was discomfort in his mouth. He couldn’t communicate, so he was taken to ILS Hospital, in Kolkata. He experienced swellings and ulcers in his mouth. Otherwise, his health condition is stable.

Meanwhile, the Tripura state health secretary, Kiran Gitte, said police admitted the complaint of Mayank Agarwal. They will investigate what happened. According to Kiran’s management, they will offer Mayank the best treatment available in Agartala.

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Manoj Kumar, manager of business development, released a press release on behalf of ILS Hospital. According to a press release, Mayank has experienced some oral irritation and swelling on his lips.

Furthermore, ILS hospital admitted him after an assessment by the hospital’s emergency consultants. He is currently stable and under ongoing clinical monitoring.

Mayank Agarwal has played twenty-one Test matches for the Karnataka cricket team in domestic cricket. He is the captain of the Karnataka team. He made his international debut against Australia in 2018.

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