Sushant Mehta faces backlash for his Islamophobic remarks

Sushant Mehta faces backlash

Sushant Mehta faces backlash for his Islamophobic remarks

An Indian Sports Journalist, Sushant Mehta, faces backlash from netizens after making Islamophobic remarks. His derogatory comments received widespread criticism and boycotted Sushant Mehta trends on Twitter X.

The video of harsh statements from Sushant Mehta soon went viral on social media. In the video, he was reacting to an old video of Indian stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui.

Sushant made comments against Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in the video that is said to be dated in reaction to Munawar’s stand-up comedian exploring Hindu deities. He mocked the Prophet (P.B.UH) about having multiple wives.

The incident sparks immediate reactions from different sources and Sushant Mehta faces backlash from netizens. People called for accountability, a boycott, and an apology from Sushant.

Another sports journalist, Avinah Aryan, backlashed Sushant and called him “Chintu.” He said India is facing a hit because of Chintu. He is deteriorating the image of Hindus like us and spreading hate among Muslims. Moreover, he apologized to Muslims living in India, Pakistan, and across the world who hurt their sentiments regarding the Prophet (P.B.U.H).

A renowned Pakistani sports content creator, Farid Khan, wrote the hashtag boycott Sushant Mehta is still trending at No.2 in Pakistan. He urged netizens to keep trending this hashtag to make Sushant regret his remarks. He also instructed people to block and report him to teach him a lesson.

However, Sushant Mehta released an apologetic video after his offensive statement on Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He apologized for hurting anyone’s feelings. Apart from this, he also advised people not to get excessively sensitive.

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However, it is significant to note that the controversial viral video of Sushant dates back to November 2021. He passed the derogatory remarks about the Prophet during a show named “Cinema Yaari” in reacting to Muslim comedian Munawar’s video.

In his apologetic video, Sushant said people become highly sensitive when such a topic arises. He said only 2-3 videos from Cinema Yaari may be present when they discussed such matters.

According to Sushant, Munawar mentioned something funny about Lord Ram and Sita. Comedian Vira Das made a Ramayana joke. He did not mind it. He laughs at them if they are funny. However, he joked about Prophet Muhammad and apologized to those who were upset. His goal was not to hurt the feelings of anyone.

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