Hrithik Roshan reacts to Fighter criticism of anti-Pakistan dialogues

Hrithik Roshan reacts to Fighter criticism

Hrithik Roshan reacts to Fighter criticism of anti-Pakistan dialogues

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan reacts to received criticism for film “Fighter” regarding his anti-Pakistan dialogues. Many unhappy fans have been criticizing the Fighter with its anti-Pakistan dialogues and emotions.

The film Fighter has mixed emotions, including positive and negative feedback. Hrithik Roshan is overjoyed by all the positive feedback he has gotten.

However, he is also aware of the negative feedback that the film has received. Notably, some angry fans have called out Fighter because it has anti-Pakistan dialogues and emotions.

Hrithik Roshan finally reacts to widespread criticism due to the film’s dialogues of Fighter. He fully disconnected himself from the dialogue. He credited filmmaker Sidharth for anti-Pakistan dialogues.

In an interview with Film Companion, Hrithik stated that his audience does not need such words to understand the flow of the picture. He would like to believe that his fans and audience are a bit more evolved as they don’t like such lines.

Furthermore, Hrithik revealed that he did not protest to film director Sidharth Anand for adding dialogues like India occupied Pakistan for a reason. He believed in not crossing the line and interfering with the director’s vision.

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Hrithik claimed Sidharth is a headstrong filmmaker. It is his conviction when you see someone who is convinced. So, it is difficult to say no. It is something he never does. But he also bears the weight of that since it is now my face who delivered that dialogue.

The latest Bollywood blockbuster, Fighter, stars Deepika Padukone and Anil Kapoor in lead roles. Despite the criticism, it has also received positive feedback from audiences. It has already grossed 100 crore Indian rupees worldwide. Hence, it has marked its position as one of the biggest hits of 2024.

The story of the aerial film thriller Fighter revolves around the Feb 26, 2019, successful Balakot airstrike in Pakistan by Indian forces. It was a retaliatory response to a Pulwama attack by Pakistani forces in India on Feb 14, 2019.

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