Samsung has no plans to launch cheap foldable phone

Samsung has no plans to launch cheap foldable phone

Samsung has no plans to launch cheap foldable phone

South Korean tech giant Samsung says it has no plans to launch a cheap or mid-range foldable phone. While Samsung is not currently working on a mid-range foldable phone, it would not be surprising if Samsung introduced one in the future years. But it has no such plans for now.

Samsung is without any doubt a major player in the smartphone field and the industry leader in foldable phone technology. A few days ago, rumors circulated that the South Korean phone manufacturer was developing a mid-range foldable phone that would cost between $400 and $500. But it has declined such claims.

According to a report from Korea JoongAng Daily, the rumors around the mid-range foldable phone are false. A spokesperson of Samsung Electronics said that we do not intend to manufacture mid-range foldable smartphones and that the latest rumors are false.

Samsung has no plans to launch a cheap foldable phone

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Samsung popularised foldable smartphones with the release of Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold in 2020. But the expensive price of these models kept them out of reach for most people.

Samsung has managed to reduce the cost of foldable phones slightly in the following years. But the premium asking price combined with features such as a smaller battery, average cameras, and lack of dust resistance has kept the majority of users away.

With manufacturers like Oppo, Motorola, Google, and Tecno joining the foldable smartphone bandwagon, it won’t be surprising if Samsung releases a pocket-friendly foldable gadget in the future.

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