iPhone 15 PRO max issues: Overheating, Durability, and More!

iPhone 15 PRO max issues: Overheating, Durability, and More!

iPhone 15 PRO max issues: Overheating, Durability, and More!

iPhone 15 PRO max issues persist as early adopters of iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are facing many issues in the iPhone 15. While most buyers have no trouble using these new iPhone 15 phones but there are number of users have reported problems using the iPhone 15 models.

TabloidPK comes with all the details of issues customers facing in the new iPhone 15 models. So, you could decide whether to buy an iPhone 15 or not. Read the full article below for the details of the issues in new iPhone 15 models:

iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issue

The massive complaints coming about iPhone 15 models are excessive overheating after using it for a few minutes from new buyers. The famous Apple blog site Apple Hub provides the news relevant to Apple Iphone 15 Pro Max on its official Twitter account. They also reported an overheating problem after using the phone for some minutes.

iPhone 15 Pro Launch Confirmed with Price Hike

Many iPhone 15 users are blaming the sleek titanium casing of iPhone 15 models for excessive overheating. Apple claims the overheating problem isn’t due to titanium casing but it is happening because of software problems that Apple will soon fix these problems.

Apple is blaming a software bug and other issues associated with popular social media apps Instagram and Uber for becoming too hot to handle for users.

iPhone 15 Titanium Color Issue

Another issue the iPhone 15 users are facing is discoloration of the titanium frame while doing fingerprints. Apple addressed this query in its support document saying the discoloration is temporary. The oil from your skin may change the color of the frame. To avoid the issue wipe your iPhone with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Doing this will restore the original look of the phone.

iPhone 15 Pro Titanium Issues: Discolor & Scratches

iPhone 15 Durability Test

There are also concerns of new iPhone 15 buyers over the durability of new handsets especially after finding the viral videos of online reviewers who claim iPhone 15 cracks easily. Consumer Reports(CR) lab opposed this claim as the iPhone 15 pro max passes their CR’s drop test. CR used an Instron compression test machine to subject the iPhone 15 Pro Max to a pressure of 110 pounds. iPhone 15 pro max successfully resisted this heavy pressure in this bending test. And phones also emerged without cracks.

Does the iPhone 15 Pro Max Break Easily? We Test the Claim – Source (Consumer Reports)

The good news is that the problems while using the iPhone 15s are not associated with hardware but with software. But when you are paying between $799 and $1,599 for a phone, it is unreasonable to face the problems that new buyers are facing.

Hopefully, Apple will soon resolve the iPhone 15 Pro Max issues.

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