Senators protested resolution against SC ruling on military courts

Senators protested resolution against SC ruling on military courts

Senators protested resolution against SC ruling on military courts

Pakistani senators protested against the senate resolution against the ruling of the Supreme Court (SC) on military courts. The senators from the main political parties of Pakistan registered strong protests against the senate resolution.

The senators from Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) opposed the resolution.

Senators object to the passage of the resolution against the Supreme Court’s decision to rule that military trials of civilians are “unconstitutional”. They protested as this resolution was passed in a hurry when only twelve senators were present in the Senate House.

Senators protested the resolution against the SC ruling on military courts

What is the demand of Senators about approved resolution?

A resolution was passed in the Senate House a day earlier in the presence of fewer lawmakers. In this regard, the protesting senators have demanded the withdrawal of the resolution.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmad of JI submitted a resolution today to declare the approved resolution (which passed yesterday) null and void.

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Yesterday Senate’s House proceedings

Only one PML-N senator Saadia Abbasi was able to speak while others including Mian Raza Rabbani and Mushtaq Ahmad were unable to take the floor due to a lack of quorum.

Senator Saadia raised a loud object forcing the deputy chairman to allow her to speak yesterday after the adoption of the resolution.

She asserted that a resolution has passed in the House by ignoring the rules and regulations with only 11-12 members. This procedure was completed in a hurry. So they (senators) don’t support it. And it doesn’t strengthen democracy in the country.

While Saadia was speaking, some other senators rose to express their views. Senator Mushtaq even walked out and stood directly in front of the Senate chairman’s dais pleading for an opportunity to speak for a few minutes. But he did not get a chance to talk. Senior Senator Raza Rabbani also continued to talk despite not being given the floor.

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