Elon Go to Gaza trending on Twitter after Hamas leader invited him

Elon Go to Gaza trending on Twitter after Hamas leader invited him

Elon Go to Gaza trending on Twitter after Hamas leader invited him

The hashtag Elon Go to Gaza is trending on Twitter after the Hamas leader invited him to visit Gaza to witness the wreak and massacre created by Israel.

A senior official of Hamas Osama Hamdan urged US billionaire Elon to visit the Palestinian Gaza Strip to see the degree of destruction caused by Israeli bombardment.

Osama asked Elon to visit Gaza during his press conference in Beirut. He stated that we welcome Elon to visit Gaza to examine the extent of the atrocities and destruction committed against the people of Gaza in accordance with neutrality and credibility standards.

This development comes after Elon visited Israel on November 27, 2023. Israeli leaders toured him to places destroyed by Hamas and led him to meet victim families of Israel.

In this regard, the Palestinian militant group Hamas has urged Elon to visit Gaza too in order to meet the criteria of neutrality for both sides. Since then, the hashtag Elon Go to Gaza has been trending on Twitter by supporters of Palestine.

What netizens are saying on X?

A renowned social media influencer Jackson Hinkle shared a picture of a wounded Palestinian child and wrote in a sarcastic way that Israel is doing it all to avoid civilian casualties.

One netizen wrote if Elon wants the facts, he must see both sides. He shared a cartoon picture of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu along with Elon Musk.

A Turkish netizen mentioned Elon asking did you describe a Gaza school that does not educate children to be murderers. A ten-year-old child was detained by Israeli forces.

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What did Elon say about an invitation to Gaza?

Upon Invitation by Hamas to Elon responded by saying it seems a bit dangerous there (Gaza) right now. But I do believe that a long-term prosperous Gaza is good for all sides.

Elon Musk has come to the controversial cycle since the war initiated between Israel and Hamas on October 7, 2023. Before he visited Israel, there were accusations of him being a staunch supporter of anti-semitic ideology.

Following this accusation, the multinational American technology corporation IBM (International Business Machines) suspended ads on his owned Twitter X app.

Now, after settling the matter with Israeli authorities he is not anti-semitic. And he condemns hate against any particular community. He has offended a large number of Pro-Palestinian supporters. They are demanding to him for visiting Gaza to experience the massacre and damage Israel has done to it.

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