Amazon sued REKK to do scam and make millions off fake returns

Amazon scammers used hacks to make millions off fake returns

Amazon sued REKK to do scam and make millions off fake returns

Amazon has sued the enterprising group REKK who used hacks and bribes to make millions off fake returns. Amazon is suing REKK for using its return and refund policy.

According to Amazon, REKK offered a paid service to interested customers hoping to get costly products like computers and game consoles for less money.

Amazon sued REKK to make millions off fake returns

Why did Amazon file a lawsuit against REKK?

Amazon filed a lawsuit against what it described as an international ring of thieves. They stole property valued at millions of dollars from the company. They engaged in several refund scams, which involved purchasing items from Amazon and demanding refunds without sending the items back.

According to a Bloomberg report, REKK is accused in Amazon’s complaint of using bribery or social engineering to target Amazon fulfillment staff to obtain millions of dollars in refunds without really returning the products.

Amazon sued REKK

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REKK promoted its services to customers in a 30,000-follower Telegram channel. Scammers promoted its refund services on social media platforms like Reddit and Discord. They accepted payment as part of the item’s initial price. And then tricked the system into registering a return that never happened.

One of the defendants in the lawsuit, Andrew Ling performed this operation of the scam. He ordered five iPads and then worked with REKK to obtain a refund. REKK has accusations of using a phishing attack against a fulfillment center employee to mark the iPad returns as received in Amazon’s systems in this particular case.

According to allegations, REKK paid an Amazon employee $3,500 to authorize 76 returns of products worth over $100,000. It also bribed another employee who received $5,000 for approving 56 fake returns worth over $75,000.

More than two dozen individuals from the US, the UK, Canada, Greece, Lithuania, and the Netherlands have been named in the lawsuit. Amazon filed it on Thursday in a US District Court in the state of Washington.

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