Arc browser launched its Windows client in beta

Arc browser launched its Windows client in beta

Arc browser launched its Windows client in beta

The Browser Company launched the first arc on its Windows client as a beta version. The company announced that it has enrolled the first group of customers for its Windows client which is now available in beta version.

Users and observers have been calling for a Windows version of Arc particularly since the company made the Mac client available to everybody after being in invite-only mode since 2022.

Arc browser launched its Windows client in beta

According to the company, it will onboard more beta participants throughout the month and rapidly speed up invite roll-outs in January. There are over 500,000 people in the queue.

The company did not disclose whether the Windows client shared all features with the Mac client. However, it stated that it is currently working on porting features such as Peek (hovering preview of a webpage). As a result, some functionalities may be missing at launch.

The company founders Josh Miller and Hursh Agrawal discussed last year about developing and releasing a Windows version in 2023. The company released a Swift-based arc browser for Windows just a few days after left in the year.

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The company has mentioned the main members of the team for creating Windows which includes product engineering lead Alexandra Medway. As well as former VP of Chrome Darin Fisher, and former Facebook developer and Swift on Windows expert Saleem Abdulrasool.

The Browser company is also trying to open-source its Windows code along with its development. Arc browser company has had an eventful year. The company released an iPhone companion app for the browser in April. It allows users to save webpages in different workplaces and access them later via the desktop client.

The company also released a tool in May that allows you to customize websites and delete aspects such as user suggestion boxes on X (formerly Twitter). Finally, it released AI-powered functionality like file and pinned tab renaming, a summary preview of a page, and access to GPT via the command bar in October.

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