Artist Hajime Sorayama slams Beyonce for plagiarizing theme

Artist Hajime Sorayama slams Beyonce for plagiarizing theme

Artist Hajime Sorayama slams Beyonce for plagiarizing theme

A Japanese artist named Hajime Sorayama slams famous American singer Beyonce for plagiarizing the Renaissance theme. He called out Beyonce for copying his art for the Renaissance tour of the singer.

Hajime took to Instagram to present a carousel comparing his futuristic craft to the pop star’s costume and theme that Beyonce opted for for her 2023 Renaissance tour.

He wrote Hello Beyonce. You should have asked me officially so that I could do much greater work for you as my man @theweeknd does.

The post of Hajime shows the cover of the five-picture CD featuring Beyonce’s face on a large screen where she presented her 56-stop show. In the first image, Beyonce is wearing a silver, multicolored headpiece with sharp cylinders on both sides of her ears.

The second image showed the identical image of Beyonce on a T-shirt as the first. The other three photos included his original illustrations of women wearing identical headpieces and fitted costumes of tin.

However, fans defended Beyonce in the comments area claiming that her Rennaisance motif drew inspiration from the movie Metropolis (1927). One fan commented as if you were not directly inspired by Metropolis. Pretty sure the movie Metropolis was the first to do it.

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Another commented that he gets that you (Hajime) feel Beyonce has copied and duplicated his art. But this graphic has been out for months (6+ months). There is no reason to be outraged about it now.

One Instagram user wrote all movies like Metropolis, Mugler, Gaultier, and others have done this. You do not own the Android aesthetic look.

The other stated were you similarly furious when she wore a similar headpiece to the BET Awards in 2007? Another netizen commented Beyonce did the same performance with the same robot way back in 2007.

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