Teacher attacked female student with acid in Karachi

Teacher attacked female student with acid

Teacher attacked female student with acid in Karachi

A tragic incident unfolded in Karachi when a male teacher named Iftikhar attacked a female student, Alisha with acid. This incident occurred at an IT center in Nipa Chowrangi.

According to authorities, the victim girl Alisha along with her uncles Noman and Faizan suffered burn injuries and were taken to Burns Award of Civil Hospital. Meanwhile, police have arrested teacher Iftikhar who attacked female student Alisha with acid.

Police authorities said that a female student fell victim to an acid attack near Karachi’s Nipa Chowrangi district. Her teacher Iftikhar threw acid on her after a heated argument at the IT center.

According to law enforcement, they have filed a case at Aziz Bhatti Police Station. Police have registered an FIR based on Alisha’s maternal uncle Noman’s complaint.

Noman mentioned in the first information report that her niece had gone to take her IT certificate but Iftikhar started misbehaving with her in the center. Iftikhar offered a friendship proposal to Alisha who denied his inappropriate will. Following that, he declined to give her a certificate.

Afterward, Alisha returned home and informed her uncles, Noman and Faizan about the incident after which her uncles escorted her to the IT center. Iftikhar got angry during a heated argument with them and took out acid from his pocket and threw it at them.

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This tragic and horrible incident is a series of frequently occurring acid attack incidents in Pakistan. Recently, a 22-year-old female schoolteacher became a victim of an acid attack in Shahdrah Town, Lahore. Culprits threw acid on her after refusing a marriage proposal on Jan 9, 2024.

The victim and her brother were on their way to school on the day of the incident. Meanwhile, the accused Umar Farooq and Ghulam Mustafa approached them and threw acid at a female teacher.

As a result, a female teacher sustained major burn injuries and was taken to the hospital. However, the suspects fled the area but, later on, authorities arrested the primary suspect Umar.

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