Angry crowd mobbed Pakistani woman for wearing Quranic outfit

Angry crowd mobbed Pakistani woman

Angry crowd mobbed Pakistani woman for wearing Quranic outfit

An angry crowd mobbed a Pakistani woman for wearing a Quranic and Arabic verse shirt in Ichra Bazar Lahore. This incident happened when the victim was spotted with her husband in the market.

The severity of the incident occurred when someone claimed that the girl’s outfit contained Quranic verses. An angry crowd mobbed the Pakistani woman wearing a shirt with Quranic texts. The mob considered the dress as blasphemy.

In a video that has gone viral on the internet, the woman is hiding her face as an angry mob surrounds her and shouts slogans. Some individuals also threatened to behead her and urged her to remove her kurta.

The viral video shows the victim woman hiding in a shop, shivering from fear of being attacked by the mob on blasphemy charges.

Meanwhile, some shopkeepers called the police to the incident place. ASP Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi accessed the incident place and rescued the woman. Hence, Syeda noticed the sensitivity of the issue and covered the victim woman in a burqa and covered her face to exit the place out of mob reach.

ASP Syeda successfully rescued the victim woman from the mob. The Punjab Police also complimented Syeda Shehrbano for risking her life to save the victim from the angered mob.


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The video footage of the victim woman emerged after the blasphemy incident. She rejected the claims of disrespecting Islam. She claimed she did nothing on purpose. The women commonly wore clothes with Arabic calligraphy in the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia.

The garment sellers also agreed with the victim woman. They claimed that the clothes industry encouraged Islamic/Arabic calligraphy use on clothing. In addition, the alphabet and words on her garment had nothing to do with sacred verses.

According to eyewitnesses, the majority of charged in the mob were either customers, visitors, or onlookers. However, the garment sellers tried to rescue the woman because they knew the shirt with Arabic calligraphy print available in the market.

Even after the shopkeepers’ explanation, the mob divided into groups with diverse points of view. Some charged fanatics continued to persist on the blasphemy claim.

Please note that the girl was actually wearing an “Arabic calligraphy” shirt which the mob assumed was “Quranic verse”. The word written on her shirt was “حلوة” which means “Beautiful”.

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