Quetta Police arrested Khadija Shah on a three-day remand

Quetta Police arrested Khadija Shah

Quetta Police arrested Khadija Shah on a three-day remand

The Quetta Police has arrested famous fashion designer Khadija Shah on a three-day remand following a local court order. Khadija Shah appeared before a Quetta anti-terrorism court (ATC) in connection with the May 9 rioting case yesterday.

ATC remand order came after Quetta police arrested her on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. Khadija Shah was just transported to Quetta from Lahore when Quetta police arrested her.

Khadija Shah husband on Quetta Police arrest

The husband of Khadija, Jehanzaib Amin made an emotional plea to release her wife on the unexpected arrest by Quetta Police. Jehanzaib said her wife is in detention for 8 months as she has three children. She also has health issues.

Khadija Shah’s Unexpected Arrest By Quetta Police – Husband Makes An Emotional Plea

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) strongly condemns the decision of ATC Quetta to hand over Khadija to Quetta Police. HRCP said involving her in a new case in which she has no connection just as she is about to be released appears to be a kind of harassment.

HRCP stated Khadija has been away from her children for months. Moving her to Quetta by road in the freezing weather is illegal and violates Pakistan’s international commitments under the CAT (Convention against Torture).

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Quetta police had applied to the ATC for transit remand, citing a murder and attempted murder case filed against Shah at the Bijli Road police station. According to the police application, the ATC of Quetta issued the warrant for Khadija.

Khadija’s lawyer Syed Iqbal Shah stated they have challenged Khadija Shah’s arrest. Quetta police asked the court to jail Khadija Shah for 14 days. However, the court granted a three-day remand on the request of Syed Iqbal.

Khadija Shah’s husband has challenged the ATC court’s award of a two-day transit remand to Quetta police. Lahore police arrested her for the first time on May 23, 2023, in connection with the Jinnah House attack. It took place in Lahore following the arrest of party chairman Imran Khan on May 9.

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