Pizza Hut faces boycott after delivering food to Israeli forces

Pizza Hut faces boycott

Pizza Hut faces boycott after delivering food to Israeli forces

Pizza Hut faces a boycott campaign due to the brand’s Israeli franchises providing free food to military bases. The campaign to boycott Pizza Hut sparked widespread controversy owing to its role in war-related controversies.

The crux of the matter is Pizza Hut’s apparent support for Israel, particularly in light of the deadliest attack on Gaza. This approach of Pizza Hut has received backlash, resulting in the boycott movement.

Pizza Hut fell victim to a boycott campaign when its Israeli franchise shared images of delivering free meals to Israeli forces. Soon, their post went viral on social media and people ran the boycott movement.

Pizza Hut faces boycott

The boycott campaign also came from Yum Brands, Pizza Hut’s parent company, and its investments in Israeli enterprises. This includes Pizza Hut’s presence in East Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev colony, filled with political issues. However, this is not the only issue for the boycott campaign.

Another netizen wrote Pizza Hut supports genocide by sharing a picture of Israeli Pizza Hut delivering free meals to the defense forces of Israel.

Pizza Hut has also drawn criticism for its intention to cut down 1,200 workers in California in reaction to minimum wage rises. Such corporate actions have fueled demands for a boycott. It shows a growing trend of consumers utilizing their purchasing power to protest what they see as unethical corporate behavior.

One netizen wrote he boycotted Pizza Hut because the company chose to cut down workers instead of paying them. He hates using overpriced companies like Pizza Hut, Uber Eats, and Cheap Skate which outsource the jobs. It is terrible just like renters outsource applications to private companies.

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Pizza Hut faces a boycott movement for its support for Israel and its decision to lay off workers in California. These two are the main factors that provoked public outrage. However, Pizza Hut has not responded to both controversial issues.

The boycott is fuelled by Pizza Hut’s business moves in Israel and employment losses due to salary concerns. Hashtag BoycottPizza Hut on Twitter shows how people utilize social media to criticize and influence major corporations.

Before Pizza Hut, people have also boycotted McDonald’s and Starbucks in the wake of a brutal Israeli attack on Gaza civilians on Oct 7, 2023.

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