Sindh govt signed corporate deal to launch farming on 52,000 acres

Sindh govt signed corporate deal

Sindh govt signed corporate deal to launch farming on 52,000 acres

The Sindh govt has signed a government-to-government (G2G) joint venture deal between the province and Green Corporate Initiative (Pvt.) Limited. Green Corporate operates under the corporate agricultural umbrella of the military for corporation farms over available barren land in every province.

It comes after the military plans to introduce corporate farming in Sindh following Punjab. Interim Sindh Revenue Minister Younus Dhaga at the CM House revealed the deal at a press conference. Major General Shahid Nazeer, Information Minister Muhammad Ahmad Shah, and Caretaker Law Minister Omar Soomro also joined him.

This corporate deal signed by the Sindh govt is a part of one that was started under the sponsorship of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC). This council was formed under the Chapter IIA of the Board of Investment Ordinance 2001. The Parliament approved it through passing an amendment law last year.

Meanwhile, the Sindh government has notified all provincial Chief secretaries and Chief ministers regarding their appointment to the SIFC Apex Committee and Executive Committee, respectively.

All of Pakistan’s provinces, including the newly elected Sindh government, chose to implement corporate agro farming, or CAF, as a national program.

The project will begin with 52,713 acres of barren land. The deputy commissioners of the relevant areas have designated the barren land for use as a test project.

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However, there are fifty-two thousand of the fifty-seven hundred barren acres in Khairpur. Ten thousand are in Tharparkar. Nine thousand are in Dadu, and one thousand are in Thatta. Also, three thousand are in Sujawal, and one thousand are in Badin.

The army will take control of the land for a period exceeding 20 years under the agreement. Hence, they will conduct a survey, demarcation, and verification to acquire land.

However, the agreement ensures that the land doesn’t belong to prohibited areas. And the land is free from ongoing legal disputes or court orders. They will also investigate that the land doesn’t come under any concessions for barrage land.

According to the agreement, Green Corporate would give the Sindh government an annual payment of 40% of its net profit. Moreover, it will use the remaining 20% for local research and development.

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