PML-N supporters urge to boycott Careem over controversial post

PML-N supporters urge to boycott Careem

PML-N supporters urge to boycott Careem over controversial post

Political conflict in Pakistan intensifies as PML-N supporters urge to boycott ride-hailing service Careem after its controversial post. The controversial post of Careem has stirred diverse emotions from the public, which serves as a caution for corporations to behave cautiously when dealing with politics.

The controversy happened when a prominent ride-hailing service, Careem, was caught in the crossfire of political unrest. Careem posted a message on the social networking site X with the particular phrase “program warr gaya.” It means the game is done.

PML-N supporters urge to boycott Careem

However, this phrase is linked with Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) politician and current Vice President Sher Afzal Khan Marwat. After discovering the post, the PML-N criticize Careem for advancing political objectives and urge its supporters to boycott the ride service of Careem.

In this regard, PMLN supporters responded quickly and fiercely, with many flocking to social media to voice their outrage and promise to stop using Careem.

As screenshots of Careem’s message spread online, public reaction varied. Some users praised Careem, while others criticized Careem for involvement in politics. Despite removing the original tweet, the reputation of Careem already suffered in the eyes of many PML-N supporters.

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In reaction to the backlash, Careem released a commercial video emphasizing the benefits of pre-booking rides. However, PML-N supporters vowed to boycott Careem. The service now confronts a difficult battle to reclaim the faith of its angry customers.

Contrary to PML-N supporters’ outrage, PTI supporters are enjoying the moment since social media posts of Careem show a strong affiliation of service with their leader. They are encouraging the political entitlement of Careem.

This incident serves as a clear warning of the risks, which businesses face when venturing into political seas. As the political landscape of Pakistan shifts, companies must exercise caution to avoid offending customers and harming their service.

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