Catastrophic rain in Karachi killed several people & left city troubled

Catastrophic rain in Karachi

Catastrophic rain in Karachi killed several people & left city troubled

A catastrophic rain that initiated on Feb 03, 2024, in Karachi, has killed several people with one dead body found near Sharae Faisal. The death toll from the deadliest rain reached three.

A 50-year-old Shaukat Nagori drowned after falling into a heavy rain drain in the Baloch Colony. His dead body was discovered today near Sharea Faisal after two days of tragedy. Shakat was a homeopath doctor who left behind a daughter and a widow. He was a resident of Shah Latif Town.

Besides Shaukat, the dead bodies of Syed Muhammad Fakhr-e-Alam and Bashir Khan were discovered in drains in Baldia Town and Degree College in Mangopir. Fakhr was a father of five who worked in a dyeing factory but never returned. However, Bashir was a scrap dealer who also drowned in flood water owing to catastrophic rain in Karachi.

Apart from casualties, the metropolis city of Karachi remained the center of chaos for the last two days due to power outages and roads flooded with water. It badly affected the electricity and water distribution in the city as roads drowned with water.

However, Murtaza Wahab, Mayor of Karachi, announced that all major highways in the city have cleared of rainfall. He gave credit to the work of local government authorities for it.

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Murtaza also said that rainwater was still standing on roadways in various areas. Hence, he has instructed the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to help remove rainwater from affected areas.

Furthermore, he stated Karachi was different for Jamat-e-Islami (JI chief) Naeem-ur-Rehman and MQM chief Mustafa Kamal in response to their criticism. He emphasized there are difficulties and problems, but they are working.

According to Murtaza, MA Jinnah and II Chunrigar roads were in poor condition, but these roads were clear for traffic today. He also claimed that government officials were on the streets while the JI chairman did not appear at affected places. It is easy to sit in rooms and criticize.

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