Maryam Nawaz scolding act with Uzma Kardar created controversy

Maryam Nawaz scolding act with Uzma Kardar

Maryam Nawaz scolding act with Uzma Kardar created controversy

A video of the newly-elected Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz showed her scolding act with PML-N leader Uzma Kardar went viral. The controversial moment came after Maryam Nawaz took oath as Punjab Chief Minister at the Governor House in Lahore.

Maryam Nawaz beat PTI candidate Rana Aftab to become the first female chief minister of Punjab. After her oath, PML-N party members started to congratulate her. Uzma Kardar also attempted to congratulate Maryam when she snubbed her.

In the video, Uzma Kardar gave Maryam Nawaz a warm hug, but Maryam quickly takes Uzma’s hand off her shoulder. This act of Maryam left Uzma Kardar surprised.

Soon after the incident, the video went viral. Netizens strongly criticized the scolding act of Maryam Nawaz with Uzma Kardar. This matter has remained the talk of the town since it happened.

However, Uzma Kardar did not feel the same way and supported the apparent rude act of Maryam. Instead, she acknowledged her mistake and expressed understanding of the reaction of Maryam Nawaz.

Uzma clarified this issue in a video saying Maryma pushed her away due to her oily hands. She was having breakfast in the morning. Maryam came from the backside and said salaam. She hugged Maryam in an emotional rush with her oily hands. It slipped off her mind that her hands were oily.

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Uzma stated that she made a mistake, if she had been in the place of Maryam Nawaz, she would have behaved the same way. She should have been more careful.

In response to critics, who questioned Maryam’s act towards Kardar and party ticket allocation, Uzma also talked about how much she respects and loves Maryam Nawaz. She said you all are shocked by how Maryam Sahiba helped her and gave her a party ticket. She told online haters she would send them Bernol.

Uzma also requested people spreading viral video footage to stop criticizing Maryam Nawaz. Hence, she considered video circulation a useless thing and suggested critics have some respect for others.

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