Scientists find scar on star from destroying planets

Scientists find scar on star

Scientists find scar on star from destroying planets

Scientists find a scar on a white dwarf cannibal star from destroying planets that orbit it. A cannibal star is a term used in astronomy to describe a star that is so massive and luminous that it consumes nearby stars or even its planetary companions.

This phenomenon occurs due to the intense gravitational pull of the cannibal star, which causes it to accumulate mass from nearby objects.

When stars like our Sun reach the end of their lives, they can become white dwarfs, eating the planets and asteroids that orbit them. For the first time, scientists find the process can leave a permanent scar on the star itself, a unique scar.

It seemed like the Sun had reached the end of its life and ate our solar system, leaving behind the planets we see today, including our own. It is well-known that some white dwarfs are slowly cooling pieces of stars like our Sun and eat parts of their planetary systems.

Scientists find scar on star

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Stefano Bagnulo is the lead author of the new study. He is also a scientist at Armagh Observatory and Planetarium in Northern Ireland, UK. Stefano stated that the star’s magnetic field is a key part of this process. It left a scar on the surface of the white dwarf.

According to Stefano, there is a lot of metal on the Star’s surface, which makes up the star itself. The star is called WD 0816-310. It used to be about the same size as our Sun. But now it has become the size of Earth.

The metals gather in a single area of the star’s surface rather than distributed throughout it. It looks like the spot is on one of the planet’s magnetic poles. It shows the star’s magnetic field pulled the material onto it and left the scar.

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