PMLN CM nominee Maryam Nawaz gave five-year plan for Punjab

PMLN CM nominee Maryam Nawaz

PMLN CM nominee Maryam Nawaz gave five-year plan for Punjab

Chief Minister (CM) nominee from Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN), Maryam Nawaz unveils her five-year development plan for Punjab. She said corruption and politically driven criminal acts are red lines that her government will never cross.

Maryam expressed it while presiding over a legislative meeting of her party at Jati Umra’s residence. She promised a new age of development in Punjab, delivering on every front, particularly in the health, education, and IT sectors.

However, PMLN CM nominee Maryam Nawaz will become the first woman chief minister after gaining a majority vote in the Punjab Assembly in the upcoming days.

Maryam expressed gratitude for the mandate given to her party by the people of Punjab. But she also stated that five years were insufficient to address the tremendous difficulties of Pakistan.

She emphasized that corruption and politically motivated vandalism are red lines for her potential government. The PMLN politician and daughter of ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif unveiled her game plan, vowing to establish five IT cities in Punjab.

According to Maryam, their government will also bring foreign investment and give interest-free loans to the youth to launch their IT projects. She stated that her government would solve the nurse shortage and provide training facilities for them in the health sector.

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Maryam proposed reintroducing health cards for free treatment for poor people. She promised to ensure heart, kidney, and liver treatment at all major hospitals. Moreover, they would administer government schools as a public-private partnership.

Maryam committed to do everything she could to guarantee that all out-of-school children returned to school. She stated that the Rescue 1122 service would be recruited on motorways. She also said they would launch more Safe City projects across the province.

Meanwhile, Punjab Governor Balighur Rehman has stated that he will convene the Punjab Assembly once he receives the request. He expressed hope the Punjab Assembly would meet within the next few days.

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