Paparazzi photographer accused Taylor Swift father of punching him

Paparazzi photographer accused Taylor Swift father

Paparazzi photographer accused Taylor Swift father of punching him

Australian authorities have opened an inquiry into allegations made by a paparazzi photographer accused Taylor Swift father, Scott Swift, of assaulting him.

The incident happened today at a Sydney Wharf in the morning where Taylor and her father Scot landed on a boat and met a group of photographers. A paparazzi photographer named Ben McDonald accused Scott Swift, the father of Taylor Swift, of punching him in the face during their encounter.

According to police sources, Ben did not get seriously injured. Hence, he did not require medical treatment. However, the charges against Scott have sparked widespread interest, especially given the involvement of a notable celebrity’s family member.

Australian media footage shows Taylor Swift walking around Neutral Bay Wharf with her father and security guards around 2:30 local time. In the video, Taylor spotted herself hiding under an umbrella.

However, camera flashes illuminated the darkness in the video. Voices belonging to a photographer and a security guard could be heard accusing each other of interfering with the umbrella. However, the actual moment of the claimed attack doesn’t seem clear in the video footage.

New South Wales Police (NSWP) have confirmed they are investigating the alleged incident. NSWP has assigned the investigation of this high-profile case to the North Shore Police Area Command.

Representatives of Taylor Swift did not respond to a request for comment on the alleged incident. However, Rolling Stone magazine claimed Taylor’s team told them two people were pushing aggressively to reach Taylor before this incident. They also grabbed security and threatened a member of the singer team.

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On the other hand, Ben McDonald claimed media gathered to photograph the singer as she moved to access her car. There were about four or five security guards there.

According to Ben, one of the American security guards began to push his umbrella into him and his camera while Taylor got into her car. Meanwhile, Scott came running at him and punched him on the left side of his face.

Famous American pop singer Taylor Swift has just finished another fantastic performance as part of her highly praised Eras tour. It has been drawing sold-out crowds across Australia.

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