Iran handed over dead bodies of nine Pakistani laborers

Iran handed over dead bodies

Iran handed over dead bodies of nine Pakistani laborers

Iran has handed over the dead bodies of nine Pakistani laborers killed by unknown gunmen last week to Pakistan. It remained unclear who attacked Pakistani laborers in a residence in Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran on Jan 27, 2024.

Three Pakistanis were wounded in the attack and received treatment at an Iranian hospital. According to Taftan Assistant Commissioner Waqar Kakar, Iran handed over the nine dead bodies of Pakistani laborers at the Taftan border (Pak-Iran) crossing.

Five hailed from various areas of Alipur in Punjab province among the deceased laborers. They had been working in Iran for decades.

Waqar stated that they transferred the deceased bodies to Multan and then to their respective hometowns. Iranian Border Security Guards returned the deceased bodies. Iranian authorities have condemned this incident and have conducted an inquiry.

However, it remained unclear who attacked a residence in Sistan Baluchestan province. These attacks injured three Pakistanis in the Saravan city. They are receiving treatment at an Iranian Hospital. Moreover, nine Pakistani laborers died.

Pakistan’s ambassador to Iran has condemned the killings of Pakistani laborers in Iran. He assured to extend state support for the affected families. He further called upon Iran to cooperate fully with Pakistan on this matter.

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The executions occurred as tensions rose between Pakistan and Iran following Pakistan’s retaliatory strikes at Iran. Following the tit-for-tat attacks, Pakistan agreed to strengthen security measures.

The strikes were believed to target militant hideouts of two Baloch insurgent organizations BLA and BLF. BLA refers to the Balochistan Liberation Army. BLF refers to the Balochistan Liberation Front. Both organizations have separatist goals against the interests of Pakistan. Hence, Pakistan targeted these organizations’ hideouts in Sistan and Baluchestan Province.

However, an Iranian attack on suspected militant hideouts in Pakistan killed two children in the southeastern Balochistan province. The duo countries have accused one another of providing a secure haven for the militant groups in their respective areas they control.

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