A big sun explosion shows terrifying giant loops

A big sun explosion shows terrifying giant loops

A big sun explosion shows terrifying giant loops

There was a big sun explosion this week, which shows extraordinary and terrifying giant loops on the sun’s surface. The post-flare loops are extraordinary phenomena that happen after every strong solar explosion event.

Argentine scientist Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau was able to take pictures of these recent post-flare loops. However, people may usually see these post-flare loops for a few minutes to hours after a flare or explosion.

Post-flare loops can extend up to one million kilometers above the Sun surface. Scientists think post-flare loops are magnetic structures full of plasma that a solar blast heats quickly.

Some scientists say gas condensing may create these loops from the corona. Corona is the outer atmosphere of the Sun. This would mean that the explosion does more than push matter away. Instead, it also pulls matter in.

These solar events because solar explosions can have huge impacts on Earth, possibly messing up satellite operations. However, the charged particles and electromagnetic energy these events release are dangerous for a society that relies more on technology.

We are reminded of the delicate balance between Earth and space when we look upward. Solar explosions and their vast potential may disrupt our communication networks and power grids.

A big sun explosion shows terrifying giant loops

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Scientists expect solar explosions to happen more often and with more force with the approach of Solar Maximum later this year. Solar Maximum refers to the period of peak solar activity in the 11-year cycle of the Sun.

During this period, there will be plenty of chances to study and observe. It will also help scientists learn more about how solar explosions work and how they affect the solar system.

With the recent observations of a big sun explosion that shows terrifying giant loops by Eduardo, scientists are one step closer to unlocking the secrets of dazzling explosive phenomena of the Sun.

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