Pakistan vs Iran military power: A comparative Face-off


Pakistan vs Iran military power: A comparative Face-off

Pakistan vs Iran military power– There are many different cultures and sects in the Muslim world. But Shia-dominated Iran and Sunni-dominated Pakistan are the two influential military power countries.

Shia-majority country Iran is a main power in the Middle East for its long past. On the other hand, Pakistan is a Sunni-majority country in South Asia that has been a big player in the security dynamics of South Asia.

In this article, we will explore the military power of Iran vs Pakistan as they deal with the complicated web of foreign relations and doctrines.

Pakistan vs Iran military power

Iran vs Pakistan Army

The land forces of Iran and Pakistan form the backbone of their defense strategies. Iran focuses on artillery and rockets that fit with its defensive mechanism. However, the strong-armored forces of Pakistan show how it strategically plans to conduct actions on the ground.

EquipmentIran Pakistan
Armored fighting vehicles65,76550,523
Self-propelled artillery580752
Mobile rocket projectors775602
Total artillery2,0503,238

Man Power

Army PersonnelIranPakistan
Active Personnel610,000654,000
Reserve Personnel350,000550,000
Available Manpower106,491,02749,050,889

Air Forces

The strategic approach to air defense of Iran and Pakistan involves a variety of fighter airplanes, multi-role aircraft, and unmanned aircraft. As we look more closely at their air forces, it becomes clear that Iran and Pakistan are smartly dealing with the challenges of modern fighting by using new technologies to protect their airspace.

EquipmentIran Pakistan
Total aircraft5511,437
Fighter aircraft186387
Aerial tankers74
UCAV (combat drone)1357

Navy Forces

As dynamics change in the maritime world, Iran and Pakistan are carefully positioning their navies to deal with geopolitical issues and protect significant maritime interests in their areas.

EquipmentIran Pakistan
Total naval114101

Iran vs Pakistan Defense Budget

Military ExpenditureIranPakistan
Military Budget$9,954,451,000$6,349,876,689
GPD Percentage3.8%3.4%

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Nuclear Weapons

Iran has no nuclear weapons, unlike Pakistan. Pakistan began working on getting nuclear weapons in the early 1970s. It is the only nuclear state in the Muslim world. Western countries helped Pakistan build its first nuclear power plant near Karachi.

Later, Pakistan changed its goal to make nuclear weapons. Reports spread that Pakistan had nuclear weapons In the mid-1980s. It was not official until 1998 when Pakistan responded to five nuclear tests of India. It was a major event in the nuclear history of Pakistan.

In brief, the military strengths of Pakistan and Iran contribute significantly to regional dynamics. Iran and Pakistan have invested in building powerful armed forces adapting to evolving security challenges.

The geopolitical considerations and regional alliances influence their military postures and strategic landscape in the Middle East and South Asia.

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