14 Pakistani Fishermen missing after boat collapsed in the Arabian Sea

14 Pakistani Fishermen missing after boat collapsed

14 Pakistani Fishermen missing after boat collapsed in the Arabian Sea

Authorities have been searching for 14 Pakistani fishermen who went missing after a boat collapsed in the Arabian Sea. The Maritime Security Agency (MSA) and the Fisherman’s Cooperative Society have been conducting extensive search operations for 14 Pakistani missing fishermen after a boat collapsed in the Arabian Sea for three days.

The fishermen went missing after their boat sank in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Thatta. They have not been found. Coastal Media Centre spokesperson Kamal Shah said the boat comprised of a missing fisherman called “Al Asad Ali.”

According to Kamal, the boat sank near Hijamara Creek because of strong winds three days ago. The Pakistani fishermen on board are still missing. Kamal has identified the missing fishermen as Riaz Bengali, Ahmed Bengali, Shakeel Bengali, Sajjad Koki, and Hashim.

Others include Riaz Ashraf, Noor Alam Bengali, Rahim Bengali, Sher Malah, Munir, Alam Kalam Bengali, Qayyum Behari, and Hasan Borough. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Navy’s Sea King helicopter and MSA speedboats were conducting search and rescue operations.

They sent another boat named “Al Abdullah” to Hijamara Creek to help conduct search operations. Nasir Boniri is the Cooperative Society’s security chief of Fishermen.

Nasir said the families of the missing fishermen were concerned about their loved ones. However, the families of victim fishermen claim no government authorities have visited them so far.

14 Fishermen missing after boat collapsed

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A media reporter interviewed the wife of a victim fisherman, Hashim in an outdated house in Ibrahim Hyderi, a fishing town outside of Karachi. Hashim’s wife said her husband was the only earner for the family of seven children. The elder brother of Hashim stated he left for fishing four days earlier.

Meanwhile, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari expressed deep sorrow about the boat disaster. He also urged authorities to use all available means to rescue the missing fishermen.

According to a Bilawal Media House Cell, the PPP Chairman prays for the safe return of the missing fishermen to their homes. Chairman PPP also emphasized the importance of modernizing fishermen’s rescue efforts.

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