Maajja denies Santhosh Narayanan’s accusations of not paying him

Maajja denies Santhosh Narayanan's accusations

Maajja denies Santhosh Narayanan’s accusations of not paying him

India and Canada-based music company Maajja denies musician Santhosh Narayanan’s accusations about not paying him for Enjoy Enjaami, a Tamil song.

A few hours ago Santhosh accused Maajja of failing to pay him, singers Dhee, and Arivu for the song. However, Maajja denies Santhosh Narayanan’s accusations and responds to his allegations. Maajja said on Instagram that Santhosh Arivu and Dhee were having disagreements. They had not agreed on their contribution to the song.

Maajja also stated unfortunately from the onset, this song has been ruined by controversy. It is a direct result of the artists involved and their conflicts with each other.

Furthermore, Maajja stated there is no consensus around the contribution to the song among the artists involved. They also described Santhosh’s charges as false and hurtful and claimed they aimed at ruining their image.

They stand by their commitment to Independent artists and music, there was never a question of them not fulfilling their commitments or keeping any revenue away from artists.

Meanwhile, Santhosh shared a screenshot of company member Noel Kirthiraj sharing a meme about sugar daddies. Unless you are willing to carry out your responsibilities, you may misunderstand a legal relationship with a sugar daddy.

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Maajja further stated they had to receive any disclosure or documents showing direct commitments and revenues collected as required by Santhosh’s contracts. However, they have asked several times, which makes the contractual process even more difficult.

They also claimed two musicians (without mentioning their names) received payments including advances. They assured those two artists would respond to the malicious allegations through appropriate channels. However, Santhosh did not respond to Maajja’s allegation.

Maajja is an independent music company that creates and shares music. Three Canadian entrepreneurs and Oscar-winning Indian singer AR Rehman founded this company in 2021. Noel Kirthiraj, Sen Sachi, and Prasanna Balachandran are among the Canadian founders.

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