Virginia plane crash killed several people including a child

Virginia plane crash

Virginia plane crash killed several people including a child

A small plane crash happened into a wooded area near the western border of Virginia and killed several people including a child. According to police, the plane exploded into flames and killed people on board.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the twin-engine IAI Astra 1125 crashed near Ingalls Field Airport in Hot Springs, Virginia, around 3 p.m.

Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller stated all five people, including the pilot, died at the scene. According to Corinne, it appears that there were four adults and one juvenile at this time.

The plane fell amid trees along an airport road in Hot Springs, a town under the shadow of the Allegheny Mountains. Hence, police and other emergency responders gathered on the incident scene in Bath County after 3 p.m.

Meanwhile, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have said they will investigate the event. According to police, the crashed plane was a small private jet.

Virginia plane crash

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Everything is burnt meaning the tail numbers are unidentifiable. So, Virginia state police are working with the FAA and NTSB to validate the aircraft’s flight path and identify the passengers on board. The crash investigation is still ongoing at this time.

Hot Springs is also located at the west border of Virginia about 160 miles northwest of Richmond. The authorities have requested additional information from state police, Ingalls Field Airport, and the funeral director’s office at the Western District of Virginia Department of Health.

However, the FAA provided no early information on the circumstances of a plane crash. Local people witnessed plumes of white smoke coming from the place of the incident. The Virginia airport was closed following the incident of a plane crash.

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