Seaplane crashed into Sydney Harbour after hitting a wave

Seaplane crashed into Sydney Harbour

Seaplane crashed into Sydney Harbour after hitting a wave

A seaplane carrying passengers has crashed into Sydney Harbour near Shark Island after hitting a wave, resulting in a terrifying disaster. Passengers on seaplane became frustrated after a poor takeoff that forced them to flee.

The seaplane was traveling between Rose Bay and Shark Island when its left float detached and disconnected before noon. The plane started to tilt to the left, so the pilot canceled the takeoff. Afterward, the seaplane crashed into Sydney Harbour.

Aaron Shaw, CEO of Sydney Seaplanes and Alt Air, told the Sydney Morning Herald that the plane could have hit a “big wave.” It would have been a bumpy ride for passengers.

Warren Livingstone observed the plane run into a “bit of trouble” while on a nearby bot with other Charing Cross Hotel employees. He stated that the plane crashed into the water about seconds later. If he were on that plane, he would be pretty scared.

Nine persons, including the pilot, exited the plane and got on life jackets. They waited for assistance to arrive on the remaining float. A rescue boat soon arrived and carried the survivors to safety. Surprisingly, nobody got hurt.

However, the plane struck the rocks of Shark Island. Authorities advised ships to avoid the area and take an alternate route owing to an ongoing investigation around Shark Island. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating the crash event.

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Authorities have provided a complimentary flight to the passengers of the crashed flight. According to Aaron, similar instances happen from time to time all over Australia. But this incident occurred in Sydney Harbour, so it has received more media attention.

He continued by saying that the passengers had finished their lunch and appeared to be in a good mood after the crashed flight.

One of the deadliest seaplane crash happened in Sydney on New Year’s Eve in 2017. The plane was flying from Cottage Point Inn to Rose Bay when it crashed into Jerusalem Bay in the suburbs of Sydney. It resulted in the deaths of five passengers with the pilot.

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