Several Venezuelan migrants killed in Chile fire

Several Venezuelan migrants killed in Chile fire

Several Venezuelan migrants killed in Chile fire

Several Venezuelan migrants including children killed in Chile fire. The incident took place at a migrant settlement in the southern city of Coronel, Chile.

Chilean authorities are investigating the reason for the fire outburst at the residential place of migrants. The fire damaged two residences where three families were living.

Chile Government report on “fire incident”

Deputy mayor of the municipality of Coronel Javier Valencia reported that a raging fire in a precarious housing settlement in southern Chile left 14 Venezuelans dead, including eight children.

Several Venezuelan migrants killed in Chile fire

Mayor Javier said talking to the media we regret to announce the death of 14 residents of our community. There are three families, eight children, and six adults who died as a result of this fire that destroyed their home.

Although the causes of the incident are unknown. The mayor said that they are investigating the possible overheating of a stove. However, Mr. Javeir criticized an apparent increase in the development of homes on unlicensed land known as “encampments” in Chile. These are such lands where forest fires are known to occur.

Venezuelan migrants killed in Chile fire
“Encampments” in Chile

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The place at which the fire incident happened today is Coronel. Coronel is near Concepcion, which is a large city in southern Chile. It has been extensively damaged by fires due to the high temperatures of the southern hemisphere summer.

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans leaving poverty and violence in their home country are risking their lives to migrate south to Chile. Chile is one of the wealthiest countries in South America.

Many migrants cross the border along the way from Bolivia to Peru and Venezuela usually living in extremely dangerous conditions. The migrants from Venezuela resided in Chile to improve their living standards but unfortunately, the fire outburst took their lives today at Coronel.

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