Tiger 3 movie review and film summary 2023

Tiger 3 movie review

Tiger 3 movie review and film summary 2023

Tiger 3 movie review and film summary 2023: Fans are witnessing the swag of Indian-super spy “Tiger” midway through movie Tiger 3. Tiger is generally serious but still satisfying Indian anti-terrorist thriller.

Iconic Bollywood star Salman Khan played the role of Tiger whose square-jawed manner sets the tone for the Yash Raj Spy Films. In Tiger 3, the flag-waving action hero Tiger battles his own Pakistani superspy wife Zoya (Katrina Kaif) to prevent Pakistani terrorists from disrupting Pakistan-India peace negotiations.

Tiger 3 movie Trailer

“Tiger 3” most closely resembles “Tiger Zinda Hai” which was a second sequel and a strangely cheery hostage thriller set in modern Iraq. In the latest sequel, Zoya conspires against her own Prime Minister alongside a Pakistani terrorist named Aatish Rehman, a resentful ex-spy. Emraan Hashmi portrayed the role of Aatish Rehman.

Emraan Hashmi as villian in Tiger 3

Cameo Appearance of Shahrukh Khan in “Tiger 3”

This time, Tiger is attempting not only to improve relations between the two countries but also to keep his family together. The cameo appearance of Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan neither greatly enhances nor diminishes the impact of Tiger 3 box office.

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Ups and downs in Tiger and Zoya’s relationship

Tiger 3 begins with a one-man rescue mission to save his RAW ex-supervisor Gopi Arya at the request of RAW spy agency chief Maithili Menon (Revathi). He bravely undertakes this mission and completes his seemingly impossible mission. Gopi accuses Zoya of being a Pakistani double agent just before he dies, just seconds after he and Tiger return to India.

Then, there is a flashback to Zoya’s earlier years that both clarifies and rejects Gopi’s charge. Then comes an unexceptional musical number in which Tiger expresses his doubts about Zoya’s reliability through song.

Thereafter, a great deal more throat-clearing and narrative setups were used to support the conspiracy against his wife and his son Junior (Sartaj Kakkar).

Although Salman Khan briefly disguises himself with a shaggy paste-on beard and a red hippie sweatband, there aren’t many surprises along the road. Before he argues with his wife, Tiger severely shaves off his facial hair. They then reconcile and decide to work together to bring down Aatish Rehman.

“Tiger 3” could be an important milestone for the Yash Raj Spy films. Tiger 3 had a fantastic start at the box office, earning 40 crore rupees in India and almost $2.25 million internationally on its first day. This is the highest debut for any Salman Khan-led picture, beating Bajrangi Bhaijaan‘s record.

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