TV presenter Jesse Baird went missing with partner Luke Davies

TV presenter Jesse Baird went missing

TV presenter Jesse Baird went missing with partner Luke Davies

A crime scene has been set up at the home of former TV presenter Jesse Baird and his partner Luke Davies, who went missing. NSW Police are searching for both of the missing persons.

Surprisingly, the police found a significant amount of blood and signs of a fight at the home of Jesse Baird in Sydney. Afterward, TV presenter Jesse Baird and his partner Luke Davis went missing.

Jesse used to be a red-carpet reporter for Australian Broadcasting Channel 10. He is dating 29-year-old Luke Davis, a flight attendant at Qantas Airlines. The two were last seen together on Feb 19, 2024, in Paddington, an inner-east area of Sydney.

That morning, neighbors say they heard shouting coming from the house. But both men then left. However, the family of Luke could not get in touch with him. Then, a worker in the south Sydney town of Cronulla found bloody clothes of Jesse thrown behind a skip bin on Feb 21, 2024.

On reporting of the worker, police went to the house of Jesse because they thought the bloody clothes in the Cronulla belonged to the couple. They declared the house a crime scene.

Detective chief Jodi Radmore said there was a significant amount of blood, which means it was enough to kill someone. It looked like there were also signs of struggle because the furniture appeared to move around. Furthermore, Jodi said they would like Jessi to contact them if he views this.

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Police also discovered items belonging to Mr. Luke and Jesse in a skip bin at a Cronulla sports field on Wilbar Avenue. Jodi also said they found a phone and a credit card in the hole.

Furthermore, Police claimed they seized two cars, one for each individual. An initial police report stated authorities were only looking for Luke. Ms. Jodi also expressed they have not yet informed the family of Jesse.

Luke grew up in Brisbane but came to Sydney in November last year. His friend Sophie Inez informed police that Luke had been dating Jesse for a few months.

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