SHC ordered restoration of social media apps, including Twitter X

SHC ordered restoration of social media apps

SHC ordered restoration of social media apps, including Twitter X

The Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered the restoration of social media apps, including Twitter X. The court also demanded an explanation from the competent authorities for the internet outage on election day.

A two-member panel, led by Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmad Abbasi, heard petitions challenging the shutdown of internet services on election day. The court expressed concern over the extensive disruption of the internet services during the significant election period.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) lawyer informed the court that the interior ministry’s directives had to be followed, which they had received and implemented.

However, the government lawyer argued that such an action was necessary due to specific legal difficulties. The chief justice directed the government to resolve the concerns before things got out of hand. He stated you (govt.) do your job better. They will do theirs.

The SHC had to intervene as authorities limited access to Twitter X in Pakistan without explaining. They suspended social media amid political, economic, and security concerns and rigging suspicions coming from the February 8 elections. The Pakistani government has suspended Twitter X several times since election day. Following the massive X disruption for days, SHC ordered the restoration of social media apps.

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The Freedom Network, a media watchdog, called the internet outage “undeclared ban.” They also accused the caretaker government of breaching the fundamental rights of civilians. In a statement, they urged that public access to the social networking platform be restored immediately.

During the court proceeding, the chief justice strongly criticized the social media ban by authorities. He also endorsed claims of election irregularities which international observers and media witnessed. He addressed with sarcasm that the authorities did an excellent job with the election. Everyone in the world is hailing it.

He also stated authorities shut down the internet and did not enable candidates to run in elections. He implied that the internet blackout may have impacted the democratic process.

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