NSW Police found 50 kg cocaine on Sydney & Newcastle beaches

NSW Police found 50 kg cocaine

NSW Police found 50 kg cocaine on Sydney & Newcastle beaches

The New South Wales (NSW) Police have found 50 kg more cocaine on the beaches between Sydney and Newcastle. It comes a few days after police said they had found most of the tightly wrapped parcels containing drugs.

Recently, NSW Police found another 50 kg of cocaine with 39 bricks in Botany and Bondi beaches. It brings the total amount found in the last two weeks to 170 kilograms.

Bricks are made up of cocaine powder. Police assume that these bricks were tied to a cargo ship that drowned. On December 22, a beachgoer on the Central Coast found the first cocaine parcel. This led NSW police to investigate this matter. It has resulted in a total of 170 kg of illegal drugs all over the NSW coast.

Last week, NSW Police State Crime Command head Jason Weinstein told ABC News that they were still attempting to find out where the cargo came from. But they believe it originated in South America and the final destination is Australia.

Jason said they know drug gangs will use a variety of methods, including shipping containers. Sometimes, they see a drug mob deliberately throw drug parcels into the ocean, so that another vessel picks it up.

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On the Friday before Christmas, the first brick of cocaine on a Central Coast beach led to this mysterious drug parcel investigation. The following day, police discovered three more parcels at Manly, Avoca, and Blacksmiths beaches.

On Christmas Eve, police issued a public warning after bricks of the illegal material appeared on the Central Coast and Sydney’s northern beaches.

Afterward, police found 39 bricks, each containing 1kg of cocaine, in a single box on a Botany beach this week. Besides this, lifeguards discovered a little drug package floating off North Bondi on New Year’s Day. They reported and transported it to the NSW police station.

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