South Australia to implement new vaping ban laws in outdoor space

South Australia to implement new vaping ban laws

South Australia to implement new vaping ban laws in outdoor space

The government is set to implement new vaping ban laws in popular outdoor spaces in South Australia. So, those who violate this law will have to pay heavy fines.

According to new vaping ban laws, there will be no vaping and smoking zones in outdoor swimming pools or sporting events for children in South Australia. As well as beaches near patrol flags, jetties outside shopping mall entrances, childcare settings, schools, and hospitals.

However, people caught smoking or vaping in banned outdoor areas face $105 fines on the spot and possible penalties of up to $750 if convicted. The government of Australia has decided to implement a new vaping ban law after thorough consultation.

The purpose of the government to implement new vaping ban laws in South Australia is to protect the community from indirect exposure to tobacco smoke and vape inhalants.

In addition to the present smoke-free legislation, which includes outdoor dining areas, playgrounds, and public transportation shelters. Hence, it expands the new zones to the number of outdoor locations in South Australia where the government has banned smoking and vaping.

The new smoking and vaping banned outdoor places are:

  • At outdoor public swimming facilities, within 10 meters of the entrance.
  • Beaches within 50 yards of patrol flags (boundary area of bathing) and also five meters of jetties.
  • Within 10 meters of non-residential building entrances, such as entry points of shopping malls.
  • At large event locations declared under the Large Events Act of 2013 (facilitates the holding of major events in South Australia)
  • Within 10 meters of playing and viewing zones for organized under-18 years athletic events.

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A fresh anti-vaping advertising campaign is also scheduled to launch in South Australia tomorrow Mar 1, 2024. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 14.5% of Australians aged 14-17 vaped in 2023. About 20% of Australians aged 18-24 vaped the same year.

However, these statistics show a massive increase in vape and smoking use compared to the year 2022. ABS data reveal that 10.6% of adults aged 18 or above were daily smokers.

Vaping and smoking have severe health risks including burns, lung injuries, cancer, Insomnia, and headaches. It may also cause coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, eye irritation etc.

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