Indian politician Sheikh Shahjahan arrested for sexual violence

Indian politician Sheikh Shahjahan arrested

Indian politician Sheikh Shahjahan arrested for sexual violence

Indian politician, Sheikh Shahjahan belonging to the TMC (All India Trinamool Congress) party has been arrested in the Sandeshkhali violence case. He has accusations of sexual abuse and land grabbing in Sandeshkhali village.

Shahjahan allegedly tortured and humiliated women sexually who voted against TMC. He has also accusations of snatching lands in Sandeshkhali village.

Sheikh Shahjahan was an escaped Indian politician and TMC leader until police arrested him today in the morning. He was on the run after an attack on Enforcement Directorate (ED) agents in Sandeshkhali last month.

According to Indian media sources, police captured him from a residence in Minakhan, North 24 Parganas district, where Shahjahan was hiding. He is recently in the Basirahat courthouse and will appear in court later today.

Indian police officer, Supratim Sarkar for South Bengal later informed the media. He said they arrested Shahjahan in connection with the attack on ED officials. ED was investigating him for alleged sexual crimes and land grabs in Sandeshkhali village. Shahjahan was one of the main suspects in the case.

Protests have broken out in Sandeshkhali over alleged sexual crimes and land grabs by several local Trinamool Congress officials, notably Sheikh Shahjahan.

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Meanwhile, the West Bengal government was under fire as Sheikh Shahjahan escaped arrest for several weeks for about 57 days. Although the situation in Sandeshkhali remained tense as delegations from political parties and civil society organizations made their way to the conflict-ridden village amid calls for the arrest of Shahjahan.

There were allegations that the TMC party facilitated the alleged offender Shahjahan to escape arrest. However, the detention of Shahjahan comes just days after the TMC promised that the accused will be captured soon. TMC Rajya Sabha MP Sagarika Ghose said the recent arrests of senior advisors of Shahjahan show the government’s commitment to following the law.

TMC leader, Kunal Ghosh stated they appreciate the state (West Bengal Police) actions. Their leader, Abhishek Banerjee, pointed out certain provisions of the High Court’s verdict which prevented police from taking action. After he pointed out the situation, the High Court lifted the limits. Hence, the police were free to take action and arrest Shahjahan.

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