Rozelle Parklands closed after traces of asbestos found

Rozelle Parklands closed

Rozelle Parklands closed after traces of asbestos found

A newly opened Sydney Park Rozelle Parklands has closed after authorities found traces of asbestos in the garden soil. The New South Wales (NSW) government has closed Rozelle Parklands just after one month.

The government said they would put “safety first” following the discovery of asbestos in the Rozelle Parklands. Meanwhile, authorities have carried out sampling and tests on garden soil.

New South Wales Roads Minister John Graham said a “safety first” approach was critical. Even though the initial tests found that the asbestos level in the parklands was “low risk.”

He said there would be a “rigorous process” in place. But the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) would have to find out how much asbestos was in the area and how it got into the parklands.

The NSW Department of Transport said it knew there was asbestos at the site because a landscaper brought samples of garden soil that contained the fibrous silicate mineral (asbestos).

They have offices on-site at the Rozelle Parklands at the moment. They are also investigating the supply chain to determine exactly where the asbestos has come from and what the circumstances are.

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NSW Transport Secretary Josh Murray said that safety was still the top priority for the government. He said that the matter of asbestos could be a “trigger” for some people because of the health risks it poses.

Josh assured Transport NSW is working with contamination experts to ensure the area is safe and free of dangerous material before letting people back into the Rozelle Parklands.

Asbestos is a fibrous substance that is easy to inhale and gets stuck in the lungs. These fibers can build up and cause scars and swelling in pulmonary veins. It can make it hard to breathe and cause other major health issues like lung cancer, etc.

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