Protestors are rallying outside Parliament House in Hobart

Protestors are rallying outside Parliament House in Hobart

Protestors are rallying outside Parliament House in Hobart

Protestors are rallying outside the Parliament House in Hobart to call for an end to native forest cutting down. The Bob Brown Foundation leads this protest calling for an end to native forest cutting in Tasmania state of Australia.

The Bob Brown Foundation is a Tasmanian organization to preserve wildlife. Tasmanian activists are protesting calling on the state government to end forest cutting to ensure the protection of wild nature. Many protesters wore green and held parrot cutouts while waving signs that read, “Protect Swift Parrot Habitat Under Threat.”

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Following a long-running dispute with the state government, about 30 demonstrators from the Bob Brown Foundation, gathered today to protect the habitat of Swift Parrots. They are concerned that nesting sites will be “destroyed” this summer if native forest cutting continues.

The foundation says our most recent crowdfunding campaign will help us in preparing for a Summer of Action. We are dealing with the matter of Swift Parrot’s habitat destruction with peaceful protests.

Protestors are rallying outside Parliament House in Hobart

Campaign Manager Jenny Weber stated that the Bob Brown Foundation had written to the Rockliff government “multiple times” requesting an end to cutting and the protection of Swift Parrots earlier this year. Despite our pleas on behalf of the Swift Parrot, she noted that forest cutting continues in this critical habitat.

On the other hand, Tasmanian Premier Jeremy Rockliff has continued to defend Tasmania’s forest industry. He claims that the state has put in place long-term protection measures. Concerned Australians for nature backlashed the Government and Mr. Jeremy for forest cutting policy. Climate Activist Nina Killham is one of them.

Mr. Jeremy stated that Sustainable Timbers Tasmania (STT) recognizes the cultural value of these trees and has well-developed policies and procedures in place to protect giant trees in the future.

Minister Jeremy said he understands the long-standing opinion that native forestry should be discontinued. But our consistent position is for a sustainable native forest industry. He said it is a $1.2 billion forest industry which is employing 5000 people.

While The Bob Brown Foundation says we are witnessing the extinction of the Swift Parrot and the continuation of forest cutting at any cost. What a tragedy when governments choose to ignore science and continue logging. So, they held a protest today outside the Parliament House in Hobart, Tasmania.

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